Company profile

Emmetex Italia snc di Marmo N. & C., is a company specialized in elastic and rigid ribbon, since 1990. Over the years, Emmetex Italia snc became a production and commercial reality, very well integrated into the clothing, underwear, home, footwear and fashion accessories market. Based on a modern and hi-tech machinery (about 2000 sq mt), on a production capacity of about 4 million mt of product per year, on a warehouse always well stocked with raw materials and finished product, and thanks to the use of highly skilled workers, Emmetex Italia snc is able to handle any order very quickly, ensuring high standards of production.

Products and Services
Emmetex Italia snc has a warehouse always stocked with elastic and rigid ribbons, with a lot of size and colours for which there is the highest demand from the market; has a pattern-book, result of research to facilitate its customers in product designing, with advice on the latest and most exclusive fashion trends. This not only to provide a high quality product, accurate in every detail, but also to offer a broader range of services in terms of helping to create the image of the product, providing samples with highly customized graphic solutions, ensuring timeliness in delivery and a competitive price, for small orders too.
Crochet Ribbons
Production mainly dedicated to underwear industry, can be also used in niche’s sectors, such as home linen and upholstery industry. It can be made in different size raging, to the max of 50 mm, in many colors and type of yarns.
Woven Jacquard Ribbons
Emmetex Italia snc produces customized rigid and elastic ribbons, with jacquard technology, following the provision of the design and/or text. It can be made in different size raging, to the max of 50 mm. This production can be used in every sectors that need ribbons, for example: underwear, outwear and technical clothing, sportswear, upholstered furniture, footwear bags and suitcases industry.